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Spiralling conversations- Staying on topic

A good conversation has a natural flow, it meanders back and forth as we build on ideas, and share the same topic. Conversations are more difficult when a person stays so long on a topic that the listener loses interest, or at the other extreme jumps from one topic to another. This latter challenge is […]

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Vocal fatigue…what it is and what you can do about it

What is vocal fatigue? Vocal fatigue is when the voice deteriorates with use. This could be after a day of teaching, an evening of singing, or after a few hours talking in a noisy environment. What causes vocal fatigue? While vocal fatigue can be a symptom of a specific  voice problem, including physical voice problems, […]

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The struggle faced by children with selective mutism

Selective mutism isn’t about being shy, it’s not about refusing talk or not wanting to talk. Instead it is a specific condition where the child chooses not to talk in certain social situations due to anxiety about being heard. The following article shares stories of some children, and about what worked and didn’t work for […]

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