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Connected Communication newsletter

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I’ve just clicked send on my first edition of ‘Connected Communication’, a free monthly newsletter about topics relating to speech, language, voice, music therapy and education. In this edition I’m covering articles relating to toys, stammering during times of excitement, and voice care. If you are interested, then sign up, and stay updated. Until 31st January 2014, […]

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Stammering advice sheet

The Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists (IASLT) has recently posted on their website an advice sheet showing parents how they can help their children who stammer http://bit.ly/dgnUfd

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Getting stuck for words, stuttering in pre-school children

I’ve recently added an article about stuttering or stammering in pre-school children.  When young children who have recently started to stutter, are referred to me, I usually offer an inital parent session where both parents attend my office, in either Clonakilty or Cloughduv. There we discuss the difficulty that their child is having, and identify factors […]

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Getting stuck for words, stammering in pre-school children

This is the title of an article which I wrote for the March edition of the West Cork People. To access this month’s edition of the  West Cork People, go to: http://www.westcorkpeople.ie

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