Freeing the voice: Voice care and voice projection for professional voice users

Are you a trainer, teacher, public speaker, amateur singer or actor?
Is your voice a key tool for your job or personal life?
Do you need to talk or sing a lot throughout the day?
Do you want a stronger, more flexible speaking or singing voice?
Do you frequently experience a tired or hoarse voice?
Have you ever lost your voice?

If you answered YES to some of these questions then I can help…
I offer workshops and individual voice care and voice projection sessions to support or maintain a free healthy voice.


 What will I learn from attending a workshop?

1. Learn about the 8 key skills needed for a free, flexible, strain free voice
2. Learn the basics of how to keep your voice healthy.
3. Learn simple but powerful tools which help you to project your voice with ease.
4. Learn and practice exercises which help you to have a freer voice.


Workshops 2015

I regularly offer workshops in Cork city and West Cork and also provide workshops for groups or organisations upon request.

Contact me to register interest in a workshop or individual consultation.


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