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From 8th through to 11th May, Clonakilty is hosting Cumasu- Clonakilty Wellness Week. The week is jam packed with activities catering for children and adults alike. I have the privilege of being involved in this event, through offering a practical workshop where people can explore and create music together. This workshop takes place on Tuesday 7th May at 10am at West Cork Traveller’s Centre, Clonakilty.

We started this creative journey last week, with a workshop with a women’s group who regularly attend the centre. One of our activities was singing a song together, the song chosen being one which was meaningful to the group…such a simple idea, yet so powerful. There was a real sense of everyone being part of, and valuing this experience.

This experience, was such a tangible reminder of the value of singing and expressing the voice freely. While it is part of my work as a music therapist to experience and facilitate music experiences in this way, at a personal level it was a timely reminder to sing more in my day to day life…But it’s not just about singing more often, but also about stopping and really being present whilst singing. It’s about being part of the music, and experiencing it through sound, sight and sensations within the body…and really enjoying the whole experience….just like a child does.

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