Supporting Conversations for people with aphasia

Aphasia is an acquired communication disability which can occur following stroke or other brain injury. Each person’s experience of aphasia is unique to them.  While traditionally, the communication problem rested with the individual, current best practice in this area adopts a social model, in which the person is viewed within the context of their environment. A key aspect of this, is shared ownership of conversations between the person with aphasia, and the person that they are speaking to (communication partner).

Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia © (SCA)  is a technique developed at the Aphasia Institute to Toronto, Canada. It helps conversation partners promote successful communication and engage in adult conversation with individuals who have aphasia. The a SCA approach has two main goals: first, to acknowledge the competency of the individual with aphasia, and second, to help reveal that individual’s competency with simple techniques. For more information about this, and how to have better conversations with people with aphasia go to:

Supported conversation for aphasia, Aphasia Hope Foundation

Supported conversations for aphasia

Slide show on SCA


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