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Following some advertising in the West Cork People, and locally in Clonakilty, I have recently had a number of queries regarding ‘what is music therapy, and what happens in a session?’ Here is a short description of some theoretical and practical elements of  my music therapy service.

 The foundation for any music therapy experience is based on the humanistic principle of ‘unconditional positive regard’ (Rogers, 1957). A music therapy session provides a safe space for a person to be themselves and express themselves in any way they choose, be it verbally, non-verbally, or musically. The session may be about listening to music, playing music, talking about music, or even exploring the power of silence. The path of a session or a series of sessions is unique to each person.  Music therapy sessions can range from being structured to unstructured and this will depend on the needs of the client, what is being targeted, and the approach adopted by the music therapist.  To read more about music therapy look at  what is music therapy or music therapy for different client groups.

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